Thursday, July 26, 2012

Amber Fern

 Summer is time for you to enjoy yourself with not very many things to worry about. It is a time for you to explore. I explored more things in photography. I met a photographer in Montana this Summer named Amber Fern. She is the owner and lead photographer for Fern Photography. She is a fun and enjoyable person. She puts her own special twist in photography I take that amazing. She is fantastic at her job and takes outstanding pictures. I love her work! Look at this picture its so unique. Which makes it 10x more love-able! 
Emma D.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photography to Me!

Photography and me is like shoes to feet. They go perfectly with each like they are made for each other. I use photography to let my imagination out. It shows the creativity in me. I do it in my free time and sometimes as jobs. I don't use big fancy cameras. I either use my little camera or my Ipod. I think photography is a creative way of life. I get so happy when I see a great picture. Like the one on the right of the page.