Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Start of Club Click by Chelsea

This post was wrote by Chelsea, who is a 6th grader at Van Meter.

I love to take photographs. Mrs. Miller told us about her friend Diane who also loved photography. She thought it would be a great experience to connect and learn together. Diane lives in New York and is a retired librarian. Mrs. Miller loves to take photographs too...this would be something really fun to do together.

One day at school, Mrs. Miller, Bailey, and I were talking to Diane on Skype. Then Diane had an idea about making a photography club. We though that it would be cool if we had a different theme every month. While we were walking back to class thinking of names for our new photography club, Mrs. Miller said, “ What about Click Club?”, and Bailey and I were like “ Umm sure”. Then Mrs. Miller was like, “No Club Click!” We said, “Yes!!!!”.

So that is how the name came along. Then we Skyped Diane for the next 3 days and got all of the details figured out. Our friend Emma set up the blog. We have meetings during advisory and talk through Skype, Google Chat, and email. We also share our photographs in our Flickr group. Last Monday we had a snow day at Van Meter and Mrs. Miller sent out an email encouraging us to take photos on our day off. Weston, who is another 6th graders in our group, took this photograph on a snowy walk.

Thanks to Club Click we are seeing that Van Meter students can take some awesome photographs. And who knows maybe one of us will go onto be famous someday.

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  1. Chelsea, thank you for recording this for us. Other schools might like to have similar clubs, and this will help them see how to get started. I can't wait to see more photographs from Club Click members!