Monday, February 21, 2011

MacKenzie Teaches Us All About Flickr and Picnik

I am a new member to Flickr. If you are not filmilar with Flickr it is a photo sharing website. My friends also got Flickr accounts. Now we have an easy way to share our pictures and edit them for other people to see. You can edit your pictures right in your Flickr. It can be helpful, even though I like editing but I only do it with certain pictures when I think of it as a different way.

The photo editing tool I use is Picnik. I use a premium account but you can still do a lot with the free account. You can get Picnik on Flickr. How you do this is you click on the photo you want and then go to actions, then sort of by the bottom then click edit in Picnik. It takes a while but once you get the hang of it you will love it. I use it a lot, for many uses. It comes in handy for school, and personal use. You can add captions, pictures, make it black and white and more. I think you will get addicted to it like me.

Flickr, is very fun. You can add sets, which are groups of pictures, like photo albums. You go to the top and click organize and create, and then there will be little tabs and click sets. Then there will be a little words under it, it will say create a new set. Click on that. Then on the bottom you will see all your pictures, any that you want click and then drag them. Then you have a set.

Club Click has been a fun experience. I think we could get more people to join it would be fun. We have our Club Click Flickr Group, and I think that it would be fun if everyone in Club Click got permission to get one, and then everyone could share their pictures with our group.

One of the best parts of Club Club is Skyping with Diane, who lives in New York. She is a very good photographer. I think that we all want to be able to take photographs like her.

We want anyone who loves taking pictures to join.

~Mackenzie, 6th Grader at Van Meter


  1. Nice job Mackenzie! I really enjoyed reading and learning about these cool tools. I have tried Picnik and really like it. I need to learn more about how to use it. Thanks for the ideas for using it with Flickr. It sounds like you have an awesome club. Keep learning and sharing!

  2. I love Picnik and Flickr also. They're simple, but do the job. When I was your age, teens didn't take many photos because the film and processing costs added up. You are doing amazing things at such a young age!