Sunday, April 3, 2011

Club Click has a New Member from New Hampshire

Hi...I am Luc. I am a second grader in Portsmouth NH at Dondero School. My dad is Steve Gagnon and both my parents are teachers. I love science. I love baseball, skiing, and woodcarving. I also love to play golf.

And what I enjoy about photography is that it is a type of technology. You can use it in a bunch of different ways. When I'm taking a shot. It feels like I'm diving into my next adventure. Each picture is like its own adventure. I like taking pictures of mountains when we're camping. I actually like taking pictures of anything. I don't have my own camera, but I hope to get one by next year. I am using our family camera now.

Thank you Mrs. Miller for making me a part of this club. I can't wait to take pictures when I'm hiking, skiing, and other times for you all to see.

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